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Last October, some of us met at Boston to share thoughts about MPF's ideas. As the Boston conversations were what we could call a success, Emmanuel (Groutel) and I have submitted the idea to continue the process of sharing in France (in Normandy) this year.

I personally think that we have a lot of MPF's ideas we did not have time to speak about in Boston. I also think that other MPF network members would have like to come in Boston but they couldn't.

I add this discussion in order to begin to think about this idea of a MPF's french connection meeting. What do you think about the idea? Ideas about when we could / should organize it (October 2012?)? Ideas about how to organize it? etc. 

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Albie Davis in Maine


Yes we can!


After having brunch with Jennifer Jones-Pattuli and Ann Coyle, who also were at this year's gathering in Boston, my last hesitations melted away when I saw their passion to be there. That makes three from us from Canada! . As Mary crossed the atlantic, it seems natural to continue the conversation that way.







Dear Sébastien,


Of course I will be with you.



The "event" has been added on the network (see page "Event"). In attached file the call for paper.


I deeply hop all the folletians can joign us in Normady next October.

You are the most welcome.



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