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Looking for people familiar enough with MPF's writings to serve as an outside speaker. I am relatively familiar with MPF's writings, but because I am a local I will not be able to serve as a focal point for a presentation. In this case a person from the surrounding area or who might be passing through this area would probably serve best as a speaker. Columbus, Ohio.

Tadit Anderson

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Hi Tadit,

If I were looking for a speaker in Ohio, I would contact Nancy H. Rogers, who is extremely knowledgeable about the field of alternative dispute resolution in gnenral. I found an entry on wikipedia which I've pasted below:

Nancy Hardin Rogers is a former Attorney General of Ohio, having resigned as the Dean of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law to accept the appointment. She is on leave from the College, where she serves as the Michael E. Moritz Chair in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Also, I you click or paste in the following link, you should be able to send her a message. I don't have any other contact information, but you should be able to track her down for a recommendation. Good luck,

Albie Davis
Much obliged Albie. I have sent her an email, and I will let you know how it develops. Never expected that there woulactually be someone already in Columbus, Ohio besides me who is interested in MPF's works.
thanks, Tadit
Hi Tadit,

There are five people from Ohio on our list:
- Tadit Anderson
- Stephen Wager
- Darryl E. Cloud
- Connie Crockett
- Candee Basford
Perhaps they could help you with a speaker.

By the way, I live in mid-coast Maine, about 3.5 hours north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Good luck in your search. Albie Davis
For some time now, I've been thinking of creating a powerpoint on Mary Parker Follett. If I do, I'll share it with this group (with free permission for anyone to use it as you like.)

John Sarvey
Northeastern University
I've recently made contact with an organization based here, originally named Council on Ethics in Economics, later renamed Council for Ethical Leadership. Part of the story of their transition includes an episode of corporate suborning and control embezzlement. The current director once was the Ethicist within a group of hospitals here, and then enlarged her domain to include business related ethics. She is familiar with Mary Parker Follett, though seems prone to a "feminist" perspective. I suggested that the difference in the size of the boot heel when a boot is planted upon a working person's neck makes little difference really relative to the outcome or process. She admitted that point. A power point would be a very good resource. I'm quite sure that Albie could provide some illuminating quotations to enhance the presentation. I suppose that I could run through the digest I did of her Dynamic Administration and pull out the key concepts as well. Part of my goal here is to enlarge the variety of faces involved. The connection may also be available to be used to connect to the membership of that group as well as local practitioners and advocates. Tadit

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