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The New Workplace Reality Manifest - The Leadingship Approach

Hi all of you,

Last week I was aquainted with your network, and started studying existing documents, papers and publications about the life and work of Mary Parker Follett. This examinations gave me a astonishing experience, since I my self during the last 30 years have developed ideas and conceps in the art and work of leading and pedagogical design. I found the thoughts of MPF alligned with my own thougts and also that my work could be percieved as a natural continuation of the work of MPF.  For example:

"The thought of the art and power of leading is something that is embedded in everyone, and that no one should have special preferences to power over others, should in contemporary society be obvious and apparent.". stated as a core value in my philosophy.

I would like to share my inventions and creations of ideas and concepts within the field of organizational theory and development with you all. I am for the moment working on a book project called

"Humanistic Management - The Leadingship Approach in realizing the True Human Potential at Work".

In developing this book project I will need impulses. I am hoping that someone of you would guide me to the following publication; "Folett, M.P (1949) Freedom&Coordination-Lectures in Business Organizations edited and with and Introduction by Lionel Urwick, London, Management Publications Trust 89 pages-6 lectures". Please mail me a link to the publication or tell me where I can access this paper.


I berby forward attached (hope it functions) a letter that I you might take a look at and give me a respons on. Please forward this message also through your owns personal networks.


Please take contact if you have any questions or comments.


Take care.

Rune Kvist Olsen




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Thank you for the intriguing post! As for Follett writings, you can find more on this website at the very beginning of the "Forum" section, in case you haven't seen them already. Not sure if we put that particular item in there, but I think it's around here somewhere.

Matthew Shapiro

Since the introductional paper (the concept of Leadingship) In the attached document (Hi..) did not made it through the uploading process, the paper togehter with some central Leading Apps is uploaded once more.

I will hope that this contribution can make a difference and hopefully initiate a development towards a new area in future of management, and so on create an new understanding of the conditions in how reciprocality, equality and mutuality in relationships are shaped and moulded.


Rune Kvist Olsen


Hello Rune:


As I suspected, Freedom and Coordination is posted on this network. Go to the Forum section, back to page 5. It's attached there.




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