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Bonjour cher Follettien et Folletienne,

je recherche le papier de David M. Austin et Katherine Selber, intitulé "Mary Parker Follett. Epilogue to or Return of a Social Work Management Pioneer?", publié dans la revue Administration in Social Work, Vol 21, n°1, pp1–15.

Quelqu'un serait-il en possession de ce papier et pourrait-il me le  transmettre...

Merci beaucoup.

Stéphane (


Hello dear Follettien and Folletienne,

I search the paper of David M. Austin and Katherine Selber, entitled "Mary Parker Follett. Epilogue to a gold Return of Social Work Management Pioneer?", published in the journal Administration in Social Work, Vol 21, No. 1, pp1- 15.

Someone would it be in possession of this paper and could it pass me the ...

Thank you very much.

Stéphane (

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Why don't you ask one of the authors for it?


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