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When I went in the USA last year, I bought the book "A nation of immigrants" by John F. Kennedy (I did not know this text; maybe it is well known in the USA?). I am currently reading this book and I really feel some Follettian ideas in it.

Page 8, by talking about the motives and the forces that "triggered this massive immigration", Kennedy wrote: "Every immigrant served to reinforce and strengthen those elements in American society that had attracted him in the first place. The motives of some were commonplace. The motives of others were nobles. Taken together they add up to the strengths and weakness of America.". I think there is something there that resembles to the deep and constant interweaving between people that Mary P. Follett talk about.

I am interesting in knowing what American members of the MPF network think about that point (considering Kennedy's thought in particular but also considering immigration in general).

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