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Dear Follett friends,

I have been in touch with Albie Davis for over eight years but have not been able to contact her recently and wondered if anyone had any news of her, please. 

Thank you


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I know she moved to be in a smaller space and closer to children but I don’t have new contact info...

Dear Friends,

Albie Davis has been suffering for the last couple of years as I understand from her children, from a significant decline in her cognitive capacities. I called her on her cell last year, and she could not regognize me anymore... She seemed in a state of peaceful surrender. She knew she could not remember who I was, and she also seemed to have let go of trying... This is a surprise to those who knew her fighting spirit. Everything seems to have declined so fast. 

I am not sure what else to say. And I have very little information. I hate this disease whether you call it Alzheimer or something else. You lose people before they're actually dead... And Albie, our beloved historian and passionate disciple of Mary Parker Follett seems to have flown away... somewhere. It's difficult to believe, but Albie, presently does not remember who Mary Parker Follett is anymore.

Take care everyone and please enjoy today.

François Héon

Thank you Francois. That’s sad news to end a difficult year. Albie’s deterioration must have been rapid. I was corresponding with her frequently and it came to an abrupt and curious end. She has been enormously helpful and encouraging to me and possessed so many talents, including being an accomplished artist. Best wishes to you and all fellow Follett fans. Susan

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