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A book born after the Conversations held in Boston in October 2011...

Those who join the Conversations on Follett held in Boston in October 2011 certainly remember two really exciting and rich days. Albie Davis, Jennifer Jones-Patulli, François Héon and I met at this meeting. After this meeting came discussions, and then a common desire to contribute to the dissemination of Follett’s ideas. This common desire, this common purpose should I say, lead us to gather in one book the most refreshing quotes Follett wrote. By working on this project, we, the editors, had the feeling that we constantly were rediscovering Follett’s ideas. By reading it, we still have this feeling and … we enjoy it. We hope you will enjoy it too (The book).

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Good work! I have sent the network an email about this.

- Matthew

Thank you Matthew!

Matthew Shapiro said:

Good work! I have sent the network an email about this.

- Matthew

It is lovely to fall in love again and again, no? I have experienced the same over the last two years as Jeannine Love and I have written and edited our book. Cheers and congratulations on this publication!!!

We thank you Margaret! In love again and again… as a kind of circular or infinite romance...

Pour nos amis francophones, une petite information...

Le livre a été entièrement traduit et existe donc en version bilingue: les citations en anglais traduites en français, sur Amazon toujours:

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