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Mary Parker Follett: Final Thoughts for the Year 2018

This is the last post in the series by Dr. Carolan McLarney, Dalhousie University, Halifax Canada:

"As we prepare to welcome a New Year, the last word belongs to a woman who passionately believed in the reality of integrating the diversity of cultures for the greater good. Mary Parker Follett valued differences, maintaining that together we gain strength and renewal, as individuals, as groups, as a society.

To complete our series on Mary Parker Follett, I am joined by Annie…


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Happy Birthday Mary Parker Follett.

This is an excerpt from the September 3, 2018 Blog Post on CEGE Connection with insights from Irena Stropnik, Director, Branch Transformation, Western Canada, Scotiabank

Dr. McLarney’s discussion of Mary Parker Follett’s theories on Group Membership has provided me with much…


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Dr. Carolan McLarney: Mary Parker Follett on Group Membership

“We find the true man only through organization. The potentialities of the individual remain potentialities until they are released by group life. Man discovers his true nature, gains his true freedom only through the group.”Mary Parker Follett, The New State: Group Organization the Solution of Popular Government.…

Dr. Carolan McLarney

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Dr. Carolan McLarney: Mary Parker Follett on Leadership

Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the sense of power among those led. The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.” 

Mary Parker Follett

Dr. Carolan McLarney's first…


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In Search of Mary Parker Follett

In a recent e-mail addressed to Matthew Shapiro, Network Volunteer, I expressed a desire to highlight the life and work of Mary Parker Follett in 2018, the 100th year anniversary of “The New State.”

I am pleased to advise Mary Parker Follett has been introduced on Dalhousie University’s CFAME Connection blog on December 18, 2017.…


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