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Dear all,

To my knowledge, Follett's books have not been translated in French or Spanish or other languages (except japanese?). Especially in France (which is of course the context I know very well), translating Follett would probably be very helpful to disseminate Follett's ideas.

One of my phD Student (who is also a member of the MPF network) will probably need to work on translating part of Follett's writings. I am also involved in a project with other members of the network, in which we will need to translate part of Follett's writings, at least in a second phase.

Maybe other members of the MPF's network probably share the same needs...

I was wondering if there was some opportunities to highlight these initiatives and find synergies between them?

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I think this is important, Sebastien. In addition to fostering accessibility via language, it would also provide an opportunity to re-introduce Follett's work in new editions (assuming that print media still has a place in the world!). Perhaps we can reach out to Network members in various nations to see if they or people they know would like to broker such translation efforts. - Matthew

I am interested in this as well. With a special interest in German-language translation.

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