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Terry Dolan wanted to communicate the following to the network:

I am saddened to report the sudden death a week ago of my colleague and your Forum member, John Sarvey. He leaves his wife and two young children and his many friends and colleagues grieving our loss. He served as Executive Director of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and was a Senior Associate in the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy. A graduate of UCLA with a BA in Organizational Studies, John received his MBA here at Northeastern.

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I am just reading this post. I am so sad to learn such news!


Yes, so sad to hear.

I actually never met John. When we organized the MPF Conversations together in Boston in 2011, as Albie mentioned earlier, John hosted the meeting at Northeatern but fell sick the evening before with an apendicitis and had to be hospitalized. He managed nonetheless to have everything beautifully organized with the generous assistance of one of his students. All this being coordinated from the hospital bed...

The obituary in the Boston Globe speaks of John as being a man of service. My virtual interactions with him in organizing the Boston conversations speaks loudly to this. The Mary P. Follett meeting at Northeastern was an attempt to create more community around MPF and John was instrumental in making it happen even from his hospital bed. I also know that he has been of great support in recently updating our network and making sure that MPF's original writings are now all accessible on the network. I pray that wherever he is, his spirit continues to do the Work.






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