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I was going to title this discussion "How do we get Follett into the mainstream?" Then I thought to title it "Is it possible to get Follett into the mainstream?" Then I thought, we need a new Follett Foundation or Follett Institute or a like vehicle. The last Follett Foundation simply didn't have a critical mass, at least not critical enough to sustain its grand(iose?) vision. I've learned a lot about non-profits over the years. We have a big network now. I think we can start again.

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This is a matter I am interested in and interested in contributing to.

We, my partner Silke Hermann and I, have several ideas about such an effort as well.

We should get back to this idea from 2014, I think.

I still find this topic highly relevant. I had a conversation yesterday with Daniella Mostow about this, and I hope we will soon get together on talking about this more.

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