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Ning network switching to a fee-based system

Hello MPF Network Members:

As of July 20, Ning (the service that has hosted this group and every other for free) is going to start charging a monthly fee. If we want to stay here, and not go through the disturbance of finding a new site and migrating all of the members, the options range from the minimum of $2.95 a month to a better package at $19.95 a month. We would simply go with the lowest program, which would serve our needs, but it only allows 150 members. Our network has more members than that, with more likely to come.

Please contribute your thoughts on what we should do. Below is a link to the pricing plans.


Matthew Shapiro
MPF Network "Coordinator"

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I have just joined the network and read the fee-related message. I don't know if I'm too late, but if I refer myself to MPF's writings, I would suggest that the present "form of association" should not prevent us from evolving.


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