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A new book by Mary Parker Follett is coming up - her first in almost 100 years.

Sounds unlikely? Be prepared to be surprised!

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is there any news on the announced book about MPF?

Just curious as it has been quiet here. 

Best, Ralf 

Thank you for asking, Ralf! Yes, you are right, it has been awfully quiet around the book. The project stalled in 2022, sadly, because my co-editor Silke Hermann and I had to focus on our new company qomenius.

The good news is that we will publish the book this year, finally. I can also tell you that we have the cover design and the title, and that we have the book pretty much edited and designed. The only thing missing is the foreword, and a few decisions about to include (or not) a few specific texts.

Let's also say that we have a huge poster of the book's cover hanging in our studio in Wiesbaden already. And it looks really cool. So Follett's first book in decades is just a few months out now!

If you have further questions please let me know.

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