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Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. - MPF

I'm working on Follett's relevance to pragmatist/feminist philosophy & know several philosophers also working in this area.

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This is terrific! Are you going to the conference in Rouen? If so, I will look forward to meeting with you--with Jeannine Love as well.

I soooo wish I could go!  I discovered the conference too late to arrange it in my schedule. What are you working on with Jeannine Love?

We've written a book manuscript inspired by the conference paper that analyzes her body of work using an ideal-type model we generated to understand governance approaches that are prefigured by fundamentally different ontological and psychosocial assumptions. Follett mirrors what we now call "Integrative Governance" as juxtaposed to Institutional, Atomistic, Holographic, and Fragmented types. It is, not surprisingly, a synthesis position generated by the many dialectical positions formed by ontology, psychosocial theory, belief, epistemology, ethics, political theory, economic theory, and administrative theory.


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