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Hello all,

Jeannine Love and I have completed Integrative Process: Follettian Thinking from Ontology to Administration, being published by Process Century Press at the Center for Process Studies, Claremont School of Theology. The editor is seeking photos of Follett for the cover, if anyone knows of sources.

When marketing materials are available and the book is ready for orders, I'll post an announcement.

Many thanks!

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I understand your dilemma. Is this the only photo that exists of her? It gives almost an eerie feeling seeing the results of a Google photo search (but Bernard Bosanquet spoiling the symmetry).


Hi, Jeff here. That picture is puzzling.

Looking forward to this new book.

This is, indeed, where the publisher pulled the photo from... Ironically, it is Lillian Gilbreth!
Terje Grønning said:
William Cerf said:

Looking forward to this new book.

Thanks for the interest, folks! Here is the link to Amazon for the book (cover corrected):

Many thanks, Margaret, for your work to bring Mary Parker Follett's work to a broader audience today.
Ralf, thank you for this note and kind words! If you are interested in related items, please visit my site! All the best...

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