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i believe she had a great impact on very many firms today that probably would not be as stable as they are today.

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i want to know how her theories can be applied to organizations today
To me, the question might be "how can her theories NOT be applied to organizations today?" That is, once we understand the underlying principles behind Follett's proposals, it is easy to see applications everywhere. I would even say it's not so much that Follett proposes theories, but that she proposes paradigms. If I may paraphrase a few of the core principles - say, "(evolving) purpose is the invisible leader" and "difference is strength (but only when integrated)" and "community (or company) is a process (not an end) and plusquality (what we seek is not you + me but you + me + what new thing that interaction creates + how that thing changes you + me) etc. etc. and then...well, it's all about creativity at every level. Not only at every level, but in a way that is "holographic" - mutual enhancement of all the levels.

A beauty of Follett is that her work in democratic ideas applies to business, and her work in business applies to democracy. A transdisciplinary perspective. And systems thinking long before the likes of Peter Senge, too.

kasibante shadrack said:
i want to know how her theories can be applied to organizations today
I see Follet's insights applying to a range of management related topics. Currently, the most obvious, are her thoughts on relationships and community as they seem tailored to the multi-generational workforce (e.g. how boomers interact with Y's and X's, how X's deal with Y's and boomers, etc) and the 80 million member millennial generation's desire to blend work and life into one system of living (i.e. a community). More than ever organizations are focused on systemic thought and the interactions / connections of its people, processes, sub-agenices, and technologies.

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