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A new white paper about the Follettian school of management

Dear all, we just published a research white paper about the Follettian school of management, entitled "The Invention of Managements" (not a typo, of course).

Read the paper online, here:

I would be happy to hear your comments and thoughts. Please share actively!

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Today, Tom Peters admitted to be a proud member of the Follettian school. 

Read more about it here on Twitter:

On Twitter, in a discussion about Follett, leadership "guru" Tom Peters finds blunt words just now about why Follett and her work have not been appropriately recognized until this day:

"I hate to oversimplify, but isn’t it just one more case of the Rosalind Franklin story? In science and academe, women have been made invisible and diminished and treated like shit since time immemorial."


"“Funny,” (it) isn’t. In the highest IQ arenas, women have been treated dismissively more than in perhaps any other settings. Male arrogance knoweth no bounds. In these cases, It appears that male assholeism is directly correlated with IQ."


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