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I would LOVE to have folks from this passionate group join me in tweeting tidbits from MPF's writings,--and from those upon which she had such a profound influence.

A bit ago, I started a Twitter account called "Daily_MPF" and would like to open it up to the group.

One way that i use twitter is to capture ideas for later,--all the better if a group does it.

First is the easiest: you tweet with the hashtag #MPF, which is both a signal that you want be followed because you plan to tweet about MPF-related things. "Daily_MPF" will retweet everything with that tag,--but follow just in case you forget to use it or run out of space. 

This is probably the best way, as it allows people to retain direct control. All you have to remember is to add the hashtag. I'll take care of archiving, so people can backtrack for as long as Twitter allows me to collect them!

The other way is for people to be invited as official members of the "Daily_MPF" account. I would have to tweak the permissions, but I'm pretty sure it's no big deal. 

Third, I think I can create a follow list. But, I'd rather have someone else do that piece (Matthew?). If the group wants me to do it, though, sure!
Either way or both would suit me just fine, as I think there are a LOT of people who would love to know more! I think the stream will be published to my "Human Trigonometry" website,--but the site in major code rewrite mode. Feel free to publish the stream,--if you need log in credentials to do it, just let me know!

I'll try to tweet about new items for the forum as often as I can!

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Great idea, Regina! I haven't made it to Facebook yet, let alone Twitter, so it'll be a while before I engage directly. But I did just post a bunch of her quotes on Power to the thread discussing collaborative power. There might be stuff in that collection you'd like to use.

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