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Hello Everyone, I just wanted to post an article that was recently published on Ella Lyman Cabot and Mary Parker Follett. Please let me know what you think. Best wishes, John

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"I read the other day some verses by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional." (Emerson)

Women and Forgotten Movements in American Philosophy is the first work of pure criticism I've seen on influences on Mary Follett. There's a lot of suggestive leads in your paper; for example, Ella Cabot's early work such as the unpublished paper "Wholeness in Relation to Growth".

There is so much to do, so much room for development, that the problem is choosing where to begin. In reading and re-reading your paper, I find it to be a valuable guide.

Jeff Bedolla
Thanks for sharing that. I just printed so I can read it at home.

John--many thanks for your excellent work--I drew from it liberally!

Stout, Margaret and Staton, Carrie. 2011. The Ontology of Process Philosophy in Follett’s Governance Theory. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 33(2), pp. 268–292.

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