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The Future of Progressivism: Applying Follettian Thinking to Contemporary Issues

Call for Chapters/Conference Papers

2018 marks a century since Mary Follett first published The New State: Group Organization, the Solution of Popular Government. In her opus on Progressive Era political theory and group dynamics, she introduced innovative and timeless concepts of integrative process as applied to governance, from neighborhood to global levels, as well as application to occupational groups.

In this edited volume, rather than a retrospective of Follett’s work or a collection of subsequent decades of application in a vast array of scholarship, including governance, management, community development, and social work, we propose a prospective of how her theories hold promise in application to contemporary practice in the face of global crises spanning climate change, social and economic transformation, and collaborative governance of organizations across the sectors of society. As a scholar and/or practitioner who has been using Follettian ideas, we invite you to contribute a chapter of up to 8,000 words in length.

See attached pdf for the details!

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