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Network members Francois Heon and Emmanuel Grouton have taken the initiative to organize a a Follett-inspired gathering, with the agreed date of October 14-15, 2011, and location in the Boston area. This discussion focuses on the details of that gathering. 

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Thank you John for all this work. If you prefer October 17-18, I don't mind, it's OK for me (no preference between 13-14th and 17-18th). I have children too...

Best regards,




Yes, thanks much Albie and John!


It's great to see the project come alive. John, I agree with all your suggestions. In terms of technological preferences, I am not knowledgeable enough to comment. I will follow on this one.


In terms of dates, I had originally suggested a weekend. And Emmanuel wanted to see fall colors. From there we suggested mid-october.  Being a consultant, taking weekdays for our meeting would be on my own account, which explains my preference for the weekend. However, my priority is that we make this event happen in the best possible way. If a majority of us prefers to move the meeting to weekdays I will go along. If we do so, I suggest we confirm a final date as soon as possible. Is Oct 10-11 an option? Monday the 10th is Canadian Thanksgiving thus a working holiday back here. Otherwise 17-18 is also possible.


A bientôt.



Please let me know the location and other details once they are set.  Depending on what "Boston area" means I may be able to travel fro DC to be there.

Both 14-15th and 17-18th are possible for me as I said in a previous post. 10-11st is not possible at all for me. I suggest we set the date very soon in order to make airplane ticket reservations at the best price.



Please consider posting a Doodle Poll to find the dates the most interested parties are able to attend... There are so few of us seriously advancing Follett's work, I want to meet you all!

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