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A few final words from the MFP fans in Boston Oct. 21, 2011

MFP Conference participants saying goodbye to each other and hello to you all of the network: What a stimulating event! Parting is sweet sorrow? I'm sad it's over. We look forward to expanding the circle. Breathless awaiting the notes! See you for the next conversation in France (either Rouen or Caen).



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Again, it has been a great pleasure to be part of this event. A lot of discussions about MPF, her thought, her writings, her life, and also about she has inspired long time after she died.

Thanks a lot to Albie, Ann, Betsy, Jennifer, Rosa, Emmanuel and François. Special thanks to John and hope you will get better soon.


Hello to all!


Just arrived in Montreal after driving from Boston. And I'm not even tired! So energized by this wonderful meeting and most of all, a sense of our growing MPF community. Welcome to our new friends and à bientôt!




And John,

I just noticed all the new articles on the "papers and publications" section! Wow!


And thanks so much for all you have done as our "on-location logistics magician". You really set the conditions for this meeting to be success. Please express our thanks to Carissa, who despite your absence made sure everything went smoothly!


Hope the recovery is going well.



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